Upcoming EP! "Songs from the Soul"

by Jared Draheim

Jared Draheim was born and raised in Ocoee Florida just fifteen minutes outside of sunny Orlando. He was adopted and brought into this world HIV positive at birth. He has found a special place in music whenever he is singing and playing the guitar. Through his special musical talent he is spreading a positive voice among his peers and younger fan base. 

Jared first picked up a guitar at the age of 11 and started playing on a regular basis as of fourteen. His love for singing began while leading worship in Church. He was born to be a soul singer and is a gifted songwriter. At 19, he has completed writing his first single and EP in the spring of 2016. He release his debut acoustic single, "Black Dress White Lies " on February 12, 2016. 

His journey in music is well underway and he will be recording the EP titled, “Songs from the Soul” in 2016. The set release date for the debut EP is November 18 2016. Make sure to keep up on Jared and all of his music by clicking on the links above! Jared has been playing the guitar since the age of 13 and started a love of singing while leading worship in church. Songwriting provides him with a place to get away and connect with his fans.

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Draheim knows the power of music and lyrics. And he hopes to use that power to inspire others who battle an illness, like he does, as well as to relate to everyone who is familiar with the general challenges of life and love. - Catherine Sinclair, West Orange Times